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About Mika

I breathe, eat and sleep fitness; and while I am not an overly muscular girl - I like to keep myself in shape and maintain a physique that I can be proud of. When I was in highschool and college I was always a little overweight. While that didn't put off most guys, many of my friends would have better success finding and going on dates with hot guys while I was stuck at home with a tub of Ben & Jerry's.

When I left college I swore to myself that I would put in the time and effort to get the body I aways wanted. I actually started a new personal fitness training course, and it was during this time that I managed to change many of my lifestyle habits and transform my body. In addition to this, I found my calling which was to help others - now that I was living proof of what could be achieved when you learn that health and fitness is a lifestyle, not just a goal. It also goes hand in hand with your outlook on life, and being positive is very important no matter what your situation.

Now branching off a bit, while I have my own clients who I help with fitness, I wanted to also share my experiences when it comes to finding a partner with similar fitness goals. After all, when you have someone you love who trains with you and becomes your training partner it can only be a good thing. While on the other hand, there are people out there who can bring you down and let you slip or feel guilty for spending so much time working on yourself. This blog is dedicated to avoiding the negative people, and finding the positive ones in your life.